Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My First Sale!

Well almost my first sale....

The other day I did what I feared the most - talking to retailers. I hit up a few different spots around campus, missing the key decision makers, until I strolled into The Campus Store, off of College and University. There was Mike, a handsome bald man, owner of the two College Store locations, stocking soda in a cooler. I showed him my frame and before if could even finish my spheel he said, "I'll take 12." What? Really? He asked, "Is it collegiate licenced?" Nervously, I replied, "Almost, I am about 2 weeks away." Mike responded, "Well I know Fernando at the licensing office, I will shoot him an email and see if we can speed things up." Okay, great! I left The Campus Store with a big smile on my face and decided to pop in on Fernando in the Trademark office to see how my application was coming along. Fernando walked to greet me with a piece of paper in his hand. Within 15 mins, Mike had already sent him an email! Fernando was able to approve me on the spot!

Now its "go" time. The next day I put in an order for my first production run of 100 mats - my largest monetary investment to date. A rather large problem, however, is I have been so caught up with mat design, I don't have a frame manufacturer!!!! Breathe...it will all work out.

Then today, as I am working on my "Career"(picking out photos for packaging) at the ASU "Career Center", Maryjo, the director of the career service approaches me. "That is really cute," she says, "I would love to get 12 of them for my staff for a year-end present." Okay!

I don't consider them sales yet since I don't have a purchase order in my hand or cash in my bank account but.....yaay!

Other exciting news includes the website is now up and running thanks to Justin www.universitynameframe.com

woo hoo! Next steps: finish test marketing by speaking with students on campus, and presenting to a classroom or club, finish product packaging, decide on a frame manufacturer, take and edit new product pics, make a promotional flyer, oh yes and sell these puppies!

Go Devils!

Alyson Heineman

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