Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back to Business?

What happened to that? I could blame it on a plethora of things. But I won't. Graduation season is around the corner and NOW I am fired up. My license as a officially licensed collegiate product is due to expire soon so that puts a little kink in my step.

There is opportunity for AMMF in the High School market however. I may have to start at square one since I can't seem to find a decent frame manufacturer. It may include just mats and a completely different design...

In other news, a little market research has gone a long way. I put up two different frame styles on Ebay to see which would do better. The ASU Collage frame (to the left) sold with 5 bids at a fair price, and the other only had 1 bid and sold well under it's market value. Interesting....

Watch me go!

Alyson Heineman

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