Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to Business

Well it has been a great summer. As test in lifestyle design - I took off this summer to work as a tour guide for international travellers going to 6 national parks on three week adventure camping trips - all while trying to fulfill reorders from my blackberry... when I had phone service. When my first reorder came, I was in Yosemite and had to have my manufacturer overnight the new frame design to the campground I was staying at! The sample wasn't exactly right so I had to call from a pay phone with corrections. Then, release control to let my frame man assemble, corner, shrink wrap, box and ship the order. All things I had painstakingly done myself in my kitchen and by taking the bus the first time around.

Just yesterday I had a meeting with the new buyer at the ASU bookstore. ASU already had already placed an order in May, however now there is a new general merch buyer so I got to introduce/sell myself all over again. I brought him in a sample, and stumbled over my words as I pitched The University Name Frame, explaining that "my first orders sold out within weeks. Not to meantion it is a completely new and unique product and at $30 it is the perfect price point for holiday and graduation gifts." He said he liked the product and sounded positive about putting in an order soon. I left excited and I am so far keeping my fingers crossed. Please, please please, please! I just need one big order.

Next on my agenda is shipping out samples to different ASU offices, team coaches, and sororiety presidents. Also, working on my website...which is like pulling teeth for me. On top of that I will also be starting the process of knocking on doors of small gift shops in the area to hopefully get The U Name Frame onto shelves before Christmas and Fall graduation. Exciting stuff. I can't wait.

Alyson Heineman

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