Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rolling out

I am feeling really swell now that I am rolling out new product to be included in an eventual product line. This new little ditty is :"a great addition to any Sundevil dorm, home or office and a great way for any Sundevil football fan to display their pictures from the tailgate/game." Go Devils! I have a couple additional designs in mind...however I am not sure whether to roll them all out now or spread out into small bites...hummmm.
Next on the list of to-dos.....oh yes, finish new website.... I decided since I like to change up things frequently, it'd be best to take matters into my own hands and attempt to build a website. I am not quite sure what I am thinking because I can barely make a myspace page, but it will a fun learning process! Right?!
One thing that I definitely cannot slack on is figuring out how to pay the tax man ASAP. I have heard that's important.
After that, the principles of one of my favorite books, THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK, might have to come into play as I take off on a summer-long road trip. I am hoping to make it "a test in lifestyle design."
Alyson Heineman


wade said...

Looks cool Aly. It's good to see you being so entrepreneurial and what not. I like the idea of a custom college piece and have some questions. Have you spoken to any stores to help you push your product and what have you done to get your idea out there? There is a big market in the college and university shops on campus and you might want to look into finding a network of reps that make calls on these shops.

Just some advice from an old homie!

Let me know if I can help


Landon and Allison Williams said...

Good for you girl!! Look at you you business woman!


Wader! Yes I love advice from an old homie! So far I am testing the market at ASU because it is a small but significant monetary investment to get licenced for each invidiual university and I need to make sure it is profitable, you know! I have heard of the idea of doing sales reps but that wouldn't be until down the road, like next year ;) Until then, I am gonna make sure the profits will be there then probably do the big college store tradeshow in TX. P.S. Call me soon we need to chat anyway!