Thursday, May 15, 2008

Small successes

School's out for the summer! Congrats to the grads of 2008! It is crazy to me to think that that was me just last year.....for some reason it seems like FOREVER ago.

To catch up a bit.....

...I stopped back in to Campus Corner to visit the manager there and was informed the product (except for 2) SOLD OUT! Yaay!!! AND the ASU bookstore made a purchase order (which I again delivered by bus, it was not as comical the second time around) which they will place in their 3 bookstores. AND the ASU Cheer coach picked up a frame for her graduating cheerleader. AND I am in talks with a few online retailers to pick up the product also. They are baby steps in the big picture but nonetheless exciting! I am mostly pumped on the fact that the ASU bookstore picked it up so quickly because it's suppose to be pretty hard to break into as a new business/product. Thank You Denny!

Up to this point, I have reliezed my business plan needs to change slightly due to the cost and time it takes to go through the process of collegiate liciencing for each school. Tomorrow I am meeting with my possible new frame/mat guy to work on new designs for an eventual product line, including a mat and frame for the upcoming ASU football season!

P.S. If you google "ASU Home Decor" my frame is the very first thing that pops up! I did a little dance when I saw that!

Alyson Heineman

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