Friday, May 2, 2008

The Drop Off

So kinda funny story to add in.....

After putting together my first set of 12 mats and frames, (something I hope to outsource eventually) I needed to package it. I called around a bit to find that office max offers shrink wrapping and headed over to the closest one, next door in Chandler. It took me two trips to get there - as my sole means of transportation is a Kawasaki Ninja 250. I had to shove three frames in a messenger bag and three in an old backpack, it was pretty ridiculous but so am I, I suppose. So I get there, get all my frames all packaged up with pretty white cardboard corner covers and shrink wrap, buy a big cardboard box to hold the 12 of them, and head to the checkout with my pink motorcycle helmet under one arm. I explain to the clerk how excited I am because I am delivering my first purchase order that afternoon. "How are you are gonna strap that big box onto your bike?" she asks. I chuckle and reply that I will not be taking my bike, I will be riding on the public bus.

I lock my helmet to my motorcycle and continue to walk across the busy intersection in my heavily starched blue button-down shirt and khaki slacks, carrying the akwardly large box. The bus picks me up and 45 mins later I am dropped off directly in front of Campus Corner. Box in tow, I casually stroll of the bus and into the shop. I am so green.

Probably the highlight of that day was when the store manager, a cute college-aged female, who had never seen the product, opened up the box. In a high-pitch shriek she exclaimed, "That is soooo cute!" I love that reaction.

Alyson Heineman

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